Ghost Stories


It has been repeatedly reported by some reliable guests (and two very drunk ones) that while either standing in the hallway bathroom or hanging out in the sitting room of the Mile High Inn, people have felt something rubbing against their ankles and around their feet. One also videotaped the end of their bed where it appeared to be something walking across the edge of it, stopping, and then sitting or laying, leaving the bed covers slightly dented and wrinkled.

The madame that once occupied our Jerome building site, The Clinkscales Building, did in fact have a cat. We have nicknamed it Sipps, which according to housekeeping, it seems to have cottoned to. There is a picture of Sipps downstairs at the Mile High Grill above the bar. Just be careful on the stairs, he apparently likes to hang out there (according to the two drunk girls that missed the last step and face planted it on the sidewalk).

*Disclaimer: We have no clue that any word of this is in fact true.

GHOSTLY TALES PART I – Check out this video we found recently from You Tube Ghostly Tales Part I.

ORBS DETECTED! – Here is another video we found of a guest experiences with their Orb Detector at the Mile High Inn in Jerome, Arizona!